/SHOCKING INTERVIEW: “You have no choice but to live under the Sharia, Muslims will..

SHOCKING INTERVIEW: “You have no choice but to live under the Sharia, Muslims will..

Some of the Conspiracy theories leading to the fact that Actually Migrant invasion Around a World is a Settle AGENDA by Special Interests Groups as bilderberg group and George SOROS.

Have you ever wondered why there are no terrorist attacks in Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary? When an immigration crisis broke out in Europe, these countries immediately closed their borders with security fences and walls to completely stop the mass illegal immigration. Hungary announced that it would not accept Muslim immigrants to preserve the “Christian” culture and identity of Hungary. Slovakia declared that it would accept only Christian refugees on the grounds that the state had no mosques. Austria Poland and Czech Republic did the same thing.

EU members Poland and Hungary didn’t accept one refugee according to the legally binding agreement they made in 2015 to take in 160,000 refugees across the bloc.The Czech Republic only took in 12 refugees since 2016.


Queen Elizabeth Says: “Muslim Refugees Are Dividing Nationality, I Fully Agree With Donald Trump We Should Deport Them To Avoid Bloody Terrorist Attacks.” Do you Agree Her?

The project, a retrospective on her coronation ceremony in 1953, was 22 years in the making, and a media coup given the Queen’s historic reluctance to engage directly with the press in any way.

Her Majesty has granted behind-the-scenes access to royal life before. She also gives occasional televised speeches. But “The Coronation,” which airs on BBC1 at 8 p.m. on Sunday, will be one of her first televised exchanges with a journalist.

It also shows her interacting with various crowns involved in the ceremony, and giving a vivid description of the experience of being installed as ruler of huge swathes of the world (when she took the throne large parts of Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean were still British colonies).

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