/Muslim Board Votes To Ban POTUS From District, Trump Gets Last Laugh With 2 Simple Words

Muslim Board Votes To Ban POTUS From District, Trump Gets Last Laugh With 2 Simple Words

Lat week, a Muslim council voted to officially ban President Donald Trump from stepping into their district.

They accused him of “bigotry.”

But, he easily got the last laugh and slapped the smiles off of their faces with just two words.

As the Muslim minority grows, their defiance of democracy in favor of Sharia Law grows too. Anyone who seeks to preserve our exceptional Western freedoms and rights is seen as an enemy,as the Quran commands the Muslims to physically and politically fight unbelievers until Islam is the only religion and governance.

According to our source, Mad World News, following London Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan’s footsteps, a Muslim-majority council in East London’s Tower Hamlets borough, which boasts the highest percentage of Muslims in the UK, has voted to ban President Donald Trump from the district, claiming that he is a bigot.

Unfortunately, the ban is not enforceable, because they are not endowed with the power to legislate such actions. Even more damning to their cause, the council has been exposed at the center of several corruption scandals, including the quiet removal of a Muslim mayor who was convicted of bribing Muslim organizations.

Sharia enforcers Councillor Ohid Ahmed and Councillor Oliur Rahman led the ban, which passed on January 17, to ensure that President Donald Trump would not be allowed to step foot in their London district. It calls for President Trump’s planned state visit to the United Kingdom to be cancelled, adding, “Should the Government still choose to go ahead with State Visit, this Council makes clear that President Trump would not be welcome in our Borough.”

In response to the unofficial ban, Peter Golds, the leader of the Conservatives on Tower Hamlets Council, called out the Muslim council’s corruption, hypocrisy and attack on democracy. “In 2015 one of the Tower Hamlets First election candidates tweeted “let us support Hitler the Great.” These people, corruptly elected, have no shame. For the record our group refused to vote in this farce.”

President Donald Trump would perhaps wish to avoid the Muslim borough anyway, since it boasts a major Muslim minority and equally disastrous crime rate.

“Tower Hamlets is home to one of the country’s most diverse communities,” the motion begins, adding that it “has the highest percentage of Muslim residents in England – 35 per cent compared with the national average of 5 per cent.”

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