/Michelle’s PISSED! Trump ORDERS The 1 Thing She Left As Her Legacy TRASHED At White House

Michelle’s PISSED! Trump ORDERS The 1 Thing She Left As Her Legacy TRASHED At White House

Michelle Obama woke up to some devasting news today. The one thing the former first lady left at the White House as her legacy has just been trashed and shredded by order of President Donald Trump. Obama insiders say Michelle is beyond pissed off, and to insult the former FLOTUS even more, the president made sure no traces of Michelle’s legacy will ever be found.

We all remember Michelle Obama’s disastrous school lunch program that President Trump had his administration do away with early on in his presidency. However, one thing that Michelle implemented and was hoping would stand the test of time and become her big legacy item was the “Let’s Move” program.

Michelle rolled out the “Let’s Move” program like a Hollywood premiere. Beyonce was tapped to create a theme song for the “Let’s Move” campaign to encourage kids to “Move Your Body,” and the entire concept became a big joke to patriotic Americans. It allowed the former first lady to make the rounds on the Hollywood talk shows like “Ellen” and highlight the “Let’s Move” campaign with the Beyonce song and Michelle breaking out her “dance moves.”

When President Trump took over and his administration started to look at the “Let’s Move” program, Michelle’s shining legacy item, they decided to trash it and start over when it came to kids and fitness. Breitbart reports, “President Donald Trump has put a spike in yet another Obama initiative by ending Michelle Obama’s beloved ‘Let’s Move’ kid’s health program and revamping it to emphasize organized sports.”

Before we get to Trump’s new common sense approach to kid’s fitness, we need to stress just what a blow this is to Michelle. This program was her entire legacy as the first lady. As her fans were celebrating Black History Month, many mentioned “Let’s Move” as Michelle’s big accomplishment, and now, it’s in the trash. This is a complete catastrophe for Michelle, and insiders claim she is seething, thinking, “How dare Trump trash her legacy?”

“In February 2010, former First Lady Michelle Obama launched the pillars of her ‘Let’s Move’ campaign against childhood obesity at the Alexandria YMCA, a branch of the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington. #BlackHistoryMonth,” tweeted YMCA of the Triangle, just a few days ago.

“Let’s Move” consisted of this Beyonce song and challenged kids and teachers to learn the dance moves to go along with it. Sure, Michelle would talk about “adding five healthy habits” to your life, something she rolled out Easter Sunday at the White House in 2011, but overall the “Let’s Move” program was stupid and self-serving, and that’s being kind.

Watch as Michelle Obama challenges Ellen DeGeneres to a dance-off, all part of what the former first lady claimed was what American kids should be doing at home and in school:

Now that the Obamas and the Hollywood crowd are out of the White House, Trump wanted to replace Michelle’s “Let’s Move” program with something kids could really relate to and benefit from, not the spontaneous “flash dance” Michelle was advocating.

Trump learned that, under the Obama administration, neighborhood team sports programs had declined in the inner cities and in the suburbs. They were replaced with Michelle’s dancing nonsense. Trump ordered Michelle’s program to be immediately defunded and replaced it with a new executive order called “President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition.”

The president’s plan explains, “Good health, including physical activity and proper nutrition, supports Americans’, particularly children’s, well‑being, growth, and development. Participating in sports allows children to experience the connection between effort and success, and it enhances their academic, economic, and social prospects.”

It adds, “Many of America’s leaders attribute their lifetime achievements to lessons learned through sports participation and athletic activity. Additionally, youth sports help working parents and guardians by providing their children opportunities to engage in productive, positive activities outside of school.”

“Promoting youth sports is an important pillar of our Working Families Agenda,” Ivanka Trump wrote. “When young people have more opportunities to participate in positive, supervised after-school sports programs, studies suggest They are less likely to be involved in, or be a victim of, crime.”

Americans are overjoyed to see that Michelle’s dance-a-thon is over and that we have a new program that will really help kids. “Fantastic! I developed so many positive qualities and friendships from playing team sports. This is exactly what kids across the country need,” tweeted Trevor Andreas.

Liz Vogel Smith tweeted in response to Trump’s new plan, writing, “I think this is great! Team sports have helped my gawky kid tremendously find her confidence and self-esteem. Great initiative!”

Americans endured eight years of nonsense with Barack and Michelle Obama. Thankfully, today, we can celebrate as one more Obama program bites the dust. “Let’s Move” was a way for Michelle to dance on live TV with Ellen Degeneres, and it gave the former first lady a reason to call on and mingle with Beyonce and other Hollywood stars. It was never about the kids in America.

Now, we have a real program that is targeting kids in a way that makes perfect sense. I guess Michelle Obama’s lasting legacy will be her numerous lavish trips abroad with her entourage that we all paid for with tax dollars. That was Michelle’s real “Let’s Move” program during Barack’s presidency and rightfully how she will be remembered.

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