/BREAKING! BIG Democrat Just Arrested And Extradited To NYC – Hillary Is Sweating Bullets!

BREAKING! BIG Democrat Just Arrested And Extradited To NYC – Hillary Is Sweating Bullets!

If there’s one thing that Democrats are becoming known for, then it’s illegal activity. The entire DNC is finally having a light shown on them, and the dirty business that they call politics. This comes after years and years of abuse and back-alley dealings. The DNC is finally going to get to play by our rules now.

The 2o16 election was a near miss for America, with our freedom almost being sold to the highest bidder. However, now that “the swamp” is being seen for what it is, we can finally do something about it. That means no more illegal elections and the corrupt politicians that are in office, or trying to get into office, aren’t going to have the way paved for them by the crooked elite who will do anything to gain allies.

If there were any doubt that the DNC would take just about any crooked criminal that wanted to align themselves with them, this winner of a congressional candidate out of Wisconson should seal the deal. He/She (yes, another gender confused person running for office) isn’t just your average political shade of gray when it comes to ethics. He/she is out and out stealing from people. The New York Post reports that he/she isn’t even contesting the accusations:

“A congressional candidate from Wisconsin was busted by the NYPD in her home state when she tried to sell a ring she ripped off from a Manhattan jewelry store, police said Wednesday.

Juliet Germanotta — who in campaign literature vowed to keep the state ‘fiscally responsible by questioning expenses ‘ — had ordered a $4,800, 18-karat yellow gold Zambian emerald and diamond ring from Mikaelians Jewelry on West 47th Street in Midtown on Sept. 19.

But Germanotta, 36, who describes herself as a ‘proud transgender woman,’ claimed the ring she received was not to her liking and requested her money back from the store.

Instead of sending the real ring back, she sent the store a $10 replica — and sold the original, cops said.

Mikaelians filed a complaint with the NYPD on Oct. 2, recognizing the ring they received in return as a phony. And when Germanotta’s buyer in Wisconsin had the real ring appraised, it was learned that the jewelry was hot.

NYPD detectives picked up Germanotta in Wisconsin, where she confessed to the crime, authorities said.

She waived extradition in court Tuesday.

Germanotta was brought by the officers on Wednesday to Manhattan’s Midtown North Precinct via a Delta flight. Charges against her were pending.

As Germanotta was led into the stationhouse wearing jeans and a hoodie, she refused to answer a reporter’s questions and instead stared straight ahead.

Germanotta, an ordained minister, is running as a Democrat against Rep. Ron Kind.

She was born in Texas but grew up in New York City, according to her Facebook page.She moved to Wisconsin in the early 2000s and lives in La Crosse.

Mikaelians Jewelry did not immediately respond to a request for comment.”

This beacon for the DNC can’t even keep a good enough reputation to stay out of the police reports. It’s unclear what anyone thinks that he/she will have to offer the country if he/she makes it all the way to winning a spot in office. The unfortunate part of this is that this will probably be brushed off because he/she “had a good reason.”

Germanotta was picked up in Wisconsin, which is where he/she supposedly confessed to the crim and waved her right to extradition in court. A local ABC affiliate reports that this would be considered a third-degree grand larceny because it “deals with theft of property that exceeds a value of $3000.”

To make this story even better, according to The Daily Wire this person also self-describes as an ordained minister. That coupled with the fact that one of their favored ways of lashing out at their opponents is to make unflattering Twitter memes makes Germanotta seem like a jam up representation of the Democratic Party.

Their current opponent is Rep. Kind, who has had quite a bit of fun making tacky memes and other various photographs to try and slander:

The qualifications for running for public office in the United States are forgiving enough to allow for some indiscretions in a person’s life. The Founding Fathers seemed to know that people could mess up and still have a lot to offer their country. However, we are stretching those limitations if we, the people, allow ourselves to be governed by those who can’t be governed by the law themselves.

We’ve reached the time in history where we need to decide if we want to keep a country that stands for truth and justice for all, or if we just want to re-write all the rules and allow ourselves to fall victim to what most of the world has; might make right.

Nobody should have to say “don’t vote for a felon” but if that’s what the people of Wisconson need to hear, then here it is! DON’T VOTE FOR A FELON, no matter how politically correct you think they are.

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