/As Kimmel Vows To Attack Trump At Oscars, His SICK Oprah & Rosie Secret Comes Out

As Kimmel Vows To Attack Trump At Oscars, His SICK Oprah & Rosie Secret Comes Out

Jimmy Kimmel is hosting the 2018 Oscar Awards, and he has vowed to attack President Donald Trump during the monologue and throughout the show. Kimmel told reporters, “You can’t go too far attacking Trump,” but it seems his sick secret involving Oprah Winfrey and Rosie O’Donnell is coming out, shocking liberals who think he is the “conscience of America.”Jimmy Kimmel’s past is coming back to haunt him as he gets ready to host the 90th annual Academy Awards show Sunday night. Fox News reports, “Kimmel has been unafraid to take on President Trump and Republicans on his ABC-TV late-night talk show. He has battled with them over health-care, the GOP tax cuts, the president’s personal conduct and many other issues.”

The Academy Awards show is one of the biggest television platforms of the year, seen in countries around the world. Some of the celebrities who have either been accused of sexual misconduct or accused an actor or studio executive of such misconduct are expected to be among those attending, yet Kimmel will attack Trump.

Actor James Woods makes the point that Kimmel is alienating half of America. The outspoken conservative celebrity tweeted, “What does Trump have to do with movie awards? There go another 63,000,000 Americans who will be tuning out. #Lunacy.”

Well, we think there are many Americans who don’t realize why Kimmel’s the biggest hypocrite around, and it has to do with his past show called, “The Man Show.” What was “The Man Show?”

The Atlantic reports, “‘That’s what this show will be: a joyous celebration of chauvinism!’ That was Jimmy Kimmel, in 1999, announcing the guiding ethic of the new Comedy Central series he and Adam Carolla debuted that year. The Man Show, they declared, would be a show by men, for men, about men. It would be an exploration of Manliness itself, as an aspiration and an archetype: beer-chugging, boob-ogling, a little bit schlubby, a little bit sleepy, a little bit Bundyan.”

Liberal hacks at The Atlantic were worried that younger Americans may not know Kimmel attacked Oprah Winfrey and Rosie O’Donnell as celebrities he hated. He said Americans were succumbing to the “Oprahization” of America. “We’re here because we have a serious problem in this nation and her name is Oprah,” said Kimmel during a segment of the show.

“Millions and millions of women are under Oprah’s spell, this woman has half of America brainwashed,” Kimmel adds. Carolla and Kimmel go on to trounce Oprah, saying she tells everyone “what to eat, what to think, and what to do.” They also say some pretty disgusting sexual things about Oprah, but now we are supposed to believe that was Kimmel just doing an act — and we should “forgive him” says the Atlantic article.

Then, there is Kimmel going after Rosie O’Donnell. During another episode of “The Man Show” Kimmel wants to find out how many lesbians would have sex with O’Donnell, so he goes out to a gay pride parade to ask random lesbians, “Would you have sex with Rosie O’Donnell?”

Not one lesbian answers “yes,” so he ups the ante by saying that he will pay them $100 bucks. Now, we only bring these sick shows up to illustrate the point that Kimmel is a huge hypocrite as he lectures Americans on our political views and ruthlessly attacks the president over and over again.

Much like when Kimmel brought his newborn onto his show as a prop to lie about the effects of repealing ObamaCare, he has morphed into a liberal mouthpiece, not because he believes it but because he had become a millionaire doing his leftist schtick.

Sunday is not the time for cheap jokes in front of a supportive crowd aimed solely at President Trump. Sunday would be a rare opportunity to push back at political correctness if Kimmel had any guts. Who is the real Jimmy Kimmel? I don’t think he even knows at this point, and that’s one reason why half of America won’t be watching him host the Academy Awards.

We know we will be lectured and our president will be vilified while movies no one paid to see in the theaters are celebrated. So, as the rich and famous gather to pat each other’s backs and listen to hypocrite Kimmel, the majority of Americans won’t be watching.

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