/After Maxine Waters Demands Trump’s Impeachment, Reince Priebus Embarrasses Her on Live TV

After Maxine Waters Demands Trump’s Impeachment, Reince Priebus Embarrasses Her on Live TV

Representative Maxine Waters has far outstayed her welcome in office; almost like a house guest who makes noise while you try to sleep and overstays their welcome.

Waters has had several recent outbursts calling for Trump’s impeachment, exclaiming she doesn’t car what Republicans say about it, and for her fellow Democrats to “get ready.

On Saturday during the California Democratic Party’s annual convention, Waters also noted that she believes Mueller is close to finding which Americans “were and are involved in collusion with the Russians.

Former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus has some speculation on how Waters “wacky” and “wild” rhetoric could affect midterm elections. Spoiler alert: very negatively.

Priebus came on “Fox & Friends” to comment on her boisterous nonsense, letting us know that it won’t help the left in midterm elections because this manner alienates voters,

“When you look at what the president has accomplished … things are going very, very well. Ultimately, that’s what people in these moderate districts that are in play are going to judge these elections on.”

Priebus pointed out that with Trump’s approval rating having climbed even higher than it was on Election Day in 2016, and if it continues to trend this way, Republicans will likely do much better in the midterm elections than Waters or the other Democrats forecast.

He closes with mentioning that, “Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have told people like Maxine Waters to cut it out with using the ‘impeachment’ word, but she’s not listening,” adding that it is to our benefit that she’s turning a deaf ear.

Although Pelosi and Schumer are probably the last people on Earth that I would take PR advice from, they’re probably right on this one. Luckily for us, Waters disagrees.

President Trump isn’t going anywhere, and it’s high time that the Democrats just accept that and work together to improve the lives of Americans and Make America Great Again! What do you think about Waters assumptions around impeachment? Join the conversation in the comment section and let us know!

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After WA Gov. Twists His Words, Trump Stops Him Mid-Sentence and Stuns the Whole World

President Trump concluded the yearly Winter Meeting in Washington, D.C. today with his third meeting with governors from all over the country.

The topics of these meetings have largely included gun control and President Trump has shown that he is willing to listen to all sides interested in participating in this debate.

One Governor, Jay Inslee from the state of Washington stood up to ask a question about arming teachers and was shocked when Trump didn’t let him spout lies on national television.

“Now, I know you have suggested arming our teachers. And I just-“

This is where Trump puts his hand up to stop him.

“No, no, no. Not your teachers. Arming a small portion that are very gun adept, that truly know how to handle it.”

Trump isn’t going to let him get away with these lies so he corrects the record right there.

“Because, I do feel, Governor, it’s very important that gun-free zones, you have a gun-free zone it’s like an invitation for these very sick people to go there.

I do think there has to be some major form of retaliation if they’re able to enter a school. And if that happens, you’re not going to have any problems anymore because they’re never going to the school.”

Now Trump ends it in the perfect way.

“So, it would be just a very small group of people that are very gun adept. Anyway, go ahead, Governor.”

Boom! This was an incredible show of power where Trump saw this Governor trying to twist his words on national television and he was not going to let it happen.

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